Have questions and concerns before going in? Anxious if you will be able to do it? Relax!

You are in safe hands! We have the answers even before you get into the hands of our experienced tour guides!


Is kayaking safe for a complete beginner?

Of course, we use sit on top kayak which are completely designed for a beginner experience. They are wider and bulkier than other types of kayaks so they can provide more stability, also you won’t have any issues getting in and out of it as they don’t have enclosed seats.


I am worried that I won’t be able to paddle the kayak, what should I do?

Do not worry, we got you!

  • Get your self comfortable once you get in, your knees should be slightly bent and your behind should be all the way in the back of kayak, keep your torso straight. Rest your feet on the small pegs inside the kayak while keeping your knees slightly bent as mentioned. By doing this you will protect any unnecessary stress to your spine.

  • If you thought that you will paddle with your arms, well you were wrong! Most of the power should come from your torso and core, your arms are will be just placeholders for the paddle! You will be surprised how easily you will breeze through the water!

  • Your paddle is your friend! Hold it tightly, just a little bit wider then the shoulder width and you will be ready to start!

  • Paddling is all about the rhythm! Bring the paddle inside the water in proximity to where your toes are in the kayak, then bring it back to your hips. Keep that beat up!

  • If you need to turn at any point use a sweeping motion with the paddle in the chosen direction, imagine you are lying in the bed and trying to rotate your body with your arms upside down. Be gentle with the movement to maintain control over the kayak.


How should I behave if something wrong happens?

The most important thing to always remember is that kayak is your friend in the water.

  • Fear of flipping over? Afraid of waves? Bit of windy wheatear? Do not worry your kayak is your anchor! Always move with the kayak and keep it close to you!
  • Keep close to the group and instructor, so you can always alert him appropriately! There are no stupid questions regarding safety, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Our guides are extremely friendly people 😊


Is there an age limit?

Unfortunately, there are restrictions. If you are under 18 your parents need to sign a waiver for you to have a tour with us or be present with on the tour. We encourage families to go on this adventure together as it is a beautiful experience to share with your loved ones!


Do I need to be fit in order to manage the kayak?

If you follow the instructions above on how to operate the vessel, we feel that almost any person won’t have any major issues. Although we will advise a common sense for safety. If you don’t usually do any physical activity at all we will always advise getting yourself active at least 3 weeks before getting into kayak!


Should I be concerned about the weather?

Do not be concerned about this as we always emphasize our customers safety first, we won’t expose anyone to danger under any conditions. We are an experienced team you can trust us to decide if the tour will be taking place or not! Bit of rain can sometimes enhance the experience. Hey, we are already in the water!


Ten simple tips from our team that will improve your kayaking experience


Bring water and snacks! Keep your self-energized and hydrated!


Don’t drink alcohol beforehand, it will hinder your experience and safety!


Don’t underestimate the power of the sun! Wear sun protection always!


Respect the area you are paddling in! The environment will be grateful in return!


Always wear a swimsuit, after all, you might get wet!


Never go ahead of your instructor, always be by his side!


Don’t try to challenge surrounding boats, Be aware of the “bigger fish in the sea”!


Pace yourself! This is not a race, enjoy the experience!


Keep your torso straight, as your parents learned you!


Move with a kayak not against it! Be the one with the force of the vessel!